Desire Me

My body was scorching with the intense heat of desire, longing.

But now, I feel exceedingly cold within.

Just like the renowned Ice Queen

Whose trust in humanity was broken to her chagrin,

Ever since you committed the venial sin

Of ignoring the Garden of Love I was tending

My fragile heart needs immediate mending.

I find it hard to breathe

As the heavy air stifled my breathing

Forcing myself to stop pining,

Numbing my broken soul and my bruised feelings.

I gave you my all but what did it yield?

Nothing but a small glance,

A modicum of chance

Whenever you see fit.

Now I’m nothing but a ghost in the shell.

Living in a limbo,

Trapped in a Nightmare on Elm Street.

Oh please, I beg for my release.

Unchain me and let me be free.

Love Me, Desire Me, or Let Me Be.

What will it be?
© 2017 Mel Joy ( All Rights Reserved 



I plan to create a place for myself 

Not only in your heart

But also in your mind.

For I’m not a shadow that will hide 

In a used vacated space.

I wanted to be seen and loved 

For what I really am

Instead of stepping and molding myself 

In the shoes left by someone else.

Living in an illusion as a rebound 

Is not part of who or what I am.

For I know, 

I’m much more than that.

One way for me to avoid 

Becoming like that, my love,

Is by understanding & accepting 

Your great connection to someone else

Before we even met.

It is the first liberating step I have to take

For that is something I can never change.

Anyways, I will love you no matter what.

I will nurture the love 

I’ve sown inside your heart

And watch it thrive in your care,

For that’s only fair.

So the negative thoughts 

That somehow crossed my mind 

From time to time just dissipates.

It evanesce in thin air whenever

I remember the promise you’ve declared. 

So there’s nothing left for me to despair,

I know I have your love

And my love is infinite – 

Stronger than a legionnaire.

© 2017 Mel Joy ( All Rights Reserved 

Voracious Eater

With all the delicacies

Being offered in the buffet

Spanning a lifetime’s party;

The appetite I have 

Can be satisfied

By you only.

This immense thirst I have 

Of your affection 

Can’t be quenched by anyone

Who keeps on flocking in my direction

To get a drop of my attention.

Albeit having a voracious appetite,

I’m still a picky eater 

That never settles for anything 

I don’t desire in my platter.

It’s all about standards,

One thing’s for sure,

I’ve got an immense hunger 

For it’s you I want to savour.

Just like a favored entrée,

You leave me wanting more.

Come-hither and satiate 

My heart, mind, body and soul.

© 2017 Mel Joy ( All Rights Reserved 

Soul Reaper

Whilst I lurked in the shadows,

Watching your every move,

I caught a whiff of your soul;

It smelled good,

It must taste even better.

I then decided I can be 

Your lover, protector;

I will nurture your earthly soul.

But don’t get so drunk

In sheer ecstacy

Whilst forgetting to satiate 

My immense hunger.

After all,

I’m your soul reaper.
© 2017 Mel Joy ( All Rights Reserved 

Undress Me

Undress my mind.

Peel it layer by layer

And savor the info’s you’ll soon discover.

Stimulate me

With frequent mental intercourse.

Keep it going, 

Don’t go off-course

Else you’ll experience utter remorse.

Connect with me.

Can you feel that jolt of electricity?

That’s our shared affinity.

Don’t you evanesce suddenly;

Doomed by eternal gnawing & longing, 

You will be.

Undress me.

Now fully naked in sheer glory, 

See my vulnerability;

Scars from past ordeals marred my face and body.

Smell the perfume of my fears & insecurities, 

As it floats & lingers in the air,

Only then can my soul be discovered,

Don’t ignore it, if you really care.

But are you brave enough

To accept the consequences of loving me?

For I’ve lost my feminine charms

In exchange for masculinity,

Simplicity & efficiency.

If you realized that you still want me, 

Touch me.

Let our souls entwine eternally.
© 2017 Mel Joy ( All Rights Reserved 

Black Hole

Stoke my mind, 

Pierce my heart, & caress my soul.

Only then can our two celestial bodies unite, 

No longer incomplete, but whole.

Albeit be careful,

For I might devour you whole

Just like a black hole.

For I’m not an empty space,

Merely drifting in the cosmos, aerospace

I’ve got this strong gravitational pull,

There’ll be no means of escape.

I’ll get you hooked, addicted,

Leaving no trace.

So afore you journey

To the depths of my soul

Be warned 

For you’ve already been told –

Yes, I’m a black hole.
© 2017 Mel Joy (

Be Wild

Be wild, be free,

Unleash the potential

You have concealed within.

Life is toilsome, tricky,

You need to have

Survival skills.

Be true to yourself

Ne’er forget your identity.

Dare to be 

More than you think 

You could be:


You amount to something.

See the good in everyone you meet,

Give them the benefit of the doubt,

And soon you’ll see.

People’s hearts will melt,

Souls of strangers will start to resonate.

So break down the walls

That you’ve long built,

Tear it down brick by brick.

Don’t be afraid of vulnerability

It’s not atrocious as 

What it seemed to be,

After all it’s part of humanity. 
© 2017 Mel Joy ( All Rights Reserved