Desire Me

My body was scorching with the intense heat of desire, longing.

But now, I feel exceedingly cold within.

Just like the renowned Ice Queen

Whose trust in humanity was broken to her chagrin,

Ever since you committed the venial sin

Of ignoring the Garden of Love I was tending

My fragile heart needs immediate mending.

I find it hard to breathe

As the heavy air stifled my breathing

Forcing myself to stop pining,

Numbing my broken soul and my bruised feelings.

I gave you my all but what did it yield?

Nothing but a small glance,

A modicum of chance

Whenever you see fit.

Now I’m nothing but a ghost in the shell.

Living in a limbo,

Trapped in a Nightmare on Elm Street.

Oh please, I beg for my release.

Unchain me and let me be free.

Love Me, Desire Me, or Let Me Be.

What will it be?
© 2017 Mel Joy ( All Rights Reserved 


The Long Drive

Albeit overcome by

The beautiful view,

I’m plagued by the 

Lonely drive.

I want to end this journey swiftly

To reach your side.

It would have been better

Have you been here

Everything would be spellbinding

For we can discourse 

On almost anything.

Picking our brains 

With frequent banters,

Dry humor, oh the irony

Of things…

You took my heart with suave

In exchange for your 

Intense feelings.

Now I just search

And drive endlessly 

Hoping someday, 

I’ll find my way,

Paving this unknown 

Road relentlessly.

But oh, what  a long 

Arduous journey.

I hope when I get there,

You’re still patiently waiting for me.

2017 Mel Joy ( All Rights Reserved

I Want to Write About You

How I wish things worked out the way I wanted to. There’s the initial hate and regret once a relationship has ended. But I can’t deny the fact that there were also good times; shared memories that I’ll cherish forever. I do admit that I’m not faultless, I am only human. Writing about you helps me deal with my pent up feelings; it enables me to find closure so that a day will come that I’ll just smile and not frown at the thought of you. You were a lesson I have to learn and a chapter I have to close.

Yes, I do want to write about you Keep Reading!