What Dies Inside While We’re Still Alive?

According to Norman Cousins,“Death is not the greatest loss in life. The greatest loss is what dies inside us while we live.” 

So what is it? Is it the hope inside us? Is it the will to live? Or is it the dream? I’m baffled by this. (I’ll be updating this as soon as I have my answers…till then).


Old Fashioned

“Love begets love.” “Don’t seek love nor hold on to it especially if it’s not freely given. Love will find its way.”

I’ve never been in a lot of relationships, I’ve only been in one. But my knowledge regarding relationships makes up for my lack of experience. For five years I’ve been single and I watched my friends go through countless relationships in short duration’s. Through them I was able to learn the common pitfalls of a relationship. But what do I really look for in a partner?

Simple. I want to be with someone who can connect with my mind and soul. It’s very rare to find someone who can understand how you think and feel. In addition to that, I’ve always craved for a loyal man who’s willing to work on the relationship through thick or thin. A man who flirts with a variety of women is just a major pet peeve. Call me old fashioned but that’s me, I can’t change that and I have no intention of doing so. Also, I don’t relish collecting relationships and having my heart broken. It will only make me a full blown cynic which I have no intention of becoming. Remember, being single doesn’t equate to being desperate.

I’m still hoping for the day when I can love someone and be loved back. No one deserves to be alone. No one wants to remain single for the rest of their lives. But then again love shouldn’t be sought nor shall it be forced. The right one will come along and that’s why I’m still waiting. They can be a different version than the way I expect them to be but that’d be more than enough for me. What happens, happens. Everything will fall into place at the right moment especially when we least expected it. 

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Mon Café au Lait

I wasn’t a morning person, but you gave me a burst of energy. I needed you. You complete me. You made my day.” I mumbled this words as I reached for my second cup of coffee while staring at my phone and checking the sites I owned for a feed back on my literary works from both seasoned and amateur writers. Keep Reading!

Late Bloomer

“Is it too late for me to start writing?” I asked that question multiple times. I wasn’t always a writer. My ways of coping the frustrations and triumphs in life were mostly expressed thru sketching and painting. I can go on and on for hours in it. Aside from that, I tend to get lost in my thoughts while reading a novel. But what really propelled me to write? Keep Reading!