Red Diamond

You were my Gem in the Trough,

Possessing all the traits I longed.

You know your innate qualities

However they didn’t spare you

A second chance 

For they thought 

You were just another chunk of ruby.

Too bad they weren’t born 

A connoisseur of diamonds like me.

With one glance, I know your 4C’s:

39 carats in excellent cut that strikes my fancy, 

Predominantly red, flawless in its clarity.

Now that I have you in my Gallery

You’re now secured,

Under extreme security;

Complete with booby traps 

To thwart heists relentlessly.

You were my Red Diamond,

The rarest of all the precious stones.

The crème de la crème:

The strongest and finest of them all.

© 2017 Mel Joy (themonochromereaper) All Rights Reserved


Author: themonochromereaper

"I write based on observations, imagination and experience. There's a thin line among them.The truth is oft hidden so one should learn to read between the lines."

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