I may fear the unknown

But I detest stagnation

For it’s like being trapped in oblivion.

I don’t want to rot in my core

And live like a zombie with no brains and future.

If that happens, I’ll be perpetually bored,

Then eventually face my doom.

When I can metamorphose

Into being illustrious, notable.

Albeit there’s a lot of pain involved,

I’ll gladly embrace it to evolve.

So never hamper my learning,

Let me experience everything.

I’ve done my research and 

I’m apt at decision-making.
© 2017 Mel Joy (themonochromereaper.wordpress.com) All Rights Reserved


Author: themonochromereaper

"I write based on observations, imagination and experience. There's a thin line among them.The truth is oft hidden so one should learn to read between the lines."

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