Chance Encounters

Is it the Red Strings of Fate

That binds our souls,

That predestined us to make history

And meet in this life once more?

I feel like I’ve known you 

Long before I met you.

Albeit it must’ve been due 

To craving for the Crème de la Crème, 

Such as you, that caused my Déjà Vu.

Suddenly, you broke down my walls

Without further ado

But what’s fascinating is that I let you.

Your soul felt familiar

Prior our intimate conversations,

It spoke to me as I read 

Your eloquently crafted 

Heartwrenching poetries and prose.

To my surprise, 

My soul responded to it saying, 

“I’m here for you.”

But to what do I owe the pleasure of knowing someone like you?

With the maelstrom of dramas

That transpired in my Lilliputian life,

One slip and I wouldn’t have known you.

I guess my nights spent conversing 

To the man in the moon paid off.

He saw you as my kindred spirit,

Bestowed me a map that led me to you.

So it was the right decision 

To shred my authenticated anonymity, 

For you ended up befriending me,

Desiring my qualities

And eventually, started loving me.
© 2017 Mel Joy ( All Rights Reserved


Author: themonochromereaper

"I write based on observations, imagination and experience. There's a thin line among them.The truth is oft hidden so one should learn to read between the lines."

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