I never begged for your love nor did I obligate you to love me back. I loved you freely. But you just pushed me further away. I have to act rationally.
How can one contain their overwhelming feeling

When it’s instantaneously spilling with overabundance?

Should I withold it so that it won’t suffocate you

And push you away, Hon?

Now that my love’s been handed 

To you in a silver platter

Embellished with diamonds all over;

You, a pauper for love

Denied the affections I’ve offered

Claiming it as an illusion, 

A figment of your imagination.

But I’ve craved love for so long

That I eventually become one with it.

I loved you freely: No expectations.

You were never obligated to return

The same amount of love to me.

D​id I lose my value and femininity 

By loving you dearly?

I surmised: 

You’re still not ready for me.

So I needed to do some bit of introspection.

I should rethink my ways 

Before giving you my attention and affections. 

I’ll love you in the amount you can handle.

For if that’s the only way you can stomach my love,

I’ll gladly do it with a smile 

Even if it pains me

To conceal my overwhelming love.


Author: themonochromereaper

"I write based on observations, imagination and experience. There's a thin line among them.The truth is oft hidden so one should learn to read between the lines."

2 thoughts on “Overwhelmed?”

  1. This is a heart-wrenching one, M! Loving someone who’s not ready to do so back is tough xx You express the anguish beautifully though in your poem.


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