Red Diamond

You were my Gem in the Trough,

Possessing all the traits I longed.

You know your innate qualities

However they didn’t spare you

A second chance 

For they thought 

You were just another chunk of ruby.

Too bad they weren’t born 

A connoisseur of diamonds like me.

With one glance, I know your 4C’s:

39 carats in excellent cut that strikes my fancy, 

Predominantly red, flawless in its clarity.

Now that I have you in my Gallery

You’re now secured,

Under extreme security;

Complete with booby traps 

To thwart heists relentlessly.

You were my Red Diamond,

The rarest of all the precious stones.

The crème de la crème:

The strongest and finest of them all.

© 2017 Mel Joy (themonochromereaper) All Rights Reserved


Unvoiced Yearning

Oh how I wanted to talk to you if I could;

To say and hear the saccharine words:

“I love you, I love you too”.

But that’d be inefficient as you won’t hear me at all

For I lost my voice like Ariel if you can still recall.

I thought I can rest well after bidding you the other night adieu.

But nostalgia and desire kept me awake through and through.

How I longed to hear your voice

As I writhe underneath these sheets thinking of you.

For the lilt of your voice seductively lulls me into sleep 

And forcefully drives me to discover an intense awakening, yearning;

Like a lullaby that’s making me lucid,

Your modulated voice is so hypnotic!

I’m glad you still notice my existence 

Despite my current condition

And wasn’t seduced by the sound 

Of countless sirens that craved your attention.

In the end, my day will never be complete

Without hearing your spellbinding melodies and stories. 

Next time, will you sing for me?

Will you tell me about your dream?

Please hear my soul’s unvoiced yearning.


I may fear the unknown

But I detest stagnation

For it’s like being trapped in oblivion.

I don’t want to rot in my core

And live like a zombie with no brains and future.

If that happens, I’ll be perpetually bored,

Then eventually face my doom.

When I can metamorphose

Into being illustrious, notable.

Albeit there’s a lot of pain involved,

I’ll gladly embrace it to evolve.

So never hamper my learning,

Let me experience everything.

I’ve done my research and 

I’m apt at decision-making.
© 2017 Mel Joy ( All Rights Reserved


I never begged for your love nor did I obligate you to love me back. I loved you freely. But you just pushed me further away. I have to act rationally.
How can one contain their overwhelming feeling

When it’s instantaneously spilling with overabundance?

Should I withold it so that it won’t suffocate you

And push you away, Hon?

Now that my love’s been handed 

To you in a silver platter

Embellished with diamonds all over;

You, a pauper for love

Denied the affections I’ve offered

Claiming it as an illusion, 

A figment of your imagination.

But I’ve craved love for so long

That I eventually become one with it.

I loved you freely: No expectations.

You were never obligated to return

The same amount of love to me.

D​id I lose my value and femininity 

By loving you dearly?

I surmised: 

You’re still not ready for me.

So I needed to do some bit of introspection.

I should rethink my ways 

Before giving you my attention and affections. 

I’ll love you in the amount you can handle.

For if that’s the only way you can stomach my love,

I’ll gladly do it with a smile 

Even if it pains me

To conceal my overwhelming love.

Chance Encounters

Is it the Red Strings of Fate

That binds our souls,

That predestined us to make history

And meet in this life once more?

I feel like I’ve known you 

Long before I met you.

Albeit it must’ve been due 

To craving for the Crème de la Crème, 

Such as you, that caused my Déjà Vu.

Suddenly, you broke down my walls

Without further ado

But what’s fascinating is that I let you.

Your soul felt familiar

Prior our intimate conversations,

It spoke to me as I read 

Your eloquently crafted 

Heartwrenching poetries and prose.

To my surprise, 

My soul responded to it saying, 

“I’m here for you.”

But to what do I owe the pleasure of knowing someone like you?

With the maelstrom of dramas

That transpired in my Lilliputian life,

One slip and I wouldn’t have known you.

I guess my nights spent conversing 

To the man in the moon paid off.

He saw you as my kindred spirit,

Bestowed me a map that led me to you.

So it was the right decision 

To shred my authenticated anonymity, 

For you ended up befriending me,

Desiring my qualities

And eventually, started loving me.
© 2017 Mel Joy ( All Rights Reserved

Desire Me

My body was scorching with the intense heat of desire, longing.

But now, I feel exceedingly cold within.

Just like the renowned Ice Queen

Whose trust in humanity was broken to her chagrin,

Ever since you committed the venial sin

Of ignoring the Garden of Love I was tending

My fragile heart needs immediate mending.

I find it hard to breathe

As the heavy air stifled my breathing

Forcing myself to stop pining,

Numbing my broken soul and my bruised feelings.

I gave you my all but what did it yield?

Nothing but a small glance,

A modicum of chance

Whenever you see fit.

Now I’m nothing but a ghost in the shell.

Living in a limbo,

Trapped in a Nightmare on Elm Street.

Oh please, I beg for my release.

Unchain me and let me be free.

Love Me, Desire Me, or Let Me Be.

What will it be?
© 2017 Mel Joy ( All Rights Reserved 

In Denial

When you’ve been taken for granted

Inumerable times in the past,

You find it perplexing  

That true love existed

And was finally offered to you at last.

The idea’s too hard to stomache –

Nauseating, revolting.

So then you just push her away,

Frequently playing mind-games;

Testing her patience to see 

How long she’ll stay.

But eradicate this disbelief,

And you’ll find happiness today.

For she is capable of loving you 

And curing your broken soul, 

I dare say.

So please don’t push her away.

Don’t take her for granted

Like what happened to you yesterday.

Act now before it’s all too late.
© 2017 Mel Joy ( All Rights Reserved