Have you ever been hounded by hungry mobs? It feels irritating at times, anxiety and stress-inducing, right? They feel as if they have every ounce of right to consume your whole being. They think of you as a property devoid of rights; Rights to privacy which is one of the most basic human rights.

Although privacy in social media is considered oxymoron. But one can still have privacy by only showing snippets of their life. However, the concept of privacy is lost on people who enjoy attention and those who sought to destroy a persons’ reputation whether in social media or in real life. Like I said, there are countless people who can’t control themselves and always find time to intrude on your privacy. This behavior baffles me. There’s so much to do than just intrude and spread gossips like wildfire. But I guess, this is something that’s uncontrollable, like a genetic anomaly.

       I certainly value discretion and privacy. I can’t deal with paparazzi-like mobs who feel entitled to know everything in my life. I find these people mentally, emotionally and psychologically draining with their small talks that won’t really add to up to my wealth of knowledge & wisdom. 

My advice: Stop Intruding. Please, have a life. Thanks!


Abandon Ship

In reference to Titanic but with a twist… Enjoy!
My Captain 

How animated you were 

Standing there like a statue.

“What were you thinking?”

I pondered…

I looked ahead t

The object of your fascination.

Instantly our ship collided

Against the huge iceberg.

How can you just let it be? 

My Captain? 

Didn’t you know 

Countless people might die 

From this crashing?

You could have done something!

Disoriented for a few moments,

My sight became hazy, blurry,

My head was throbbing, 

From blood loss,

Blunt force and overthinking.

I searched for you 

As my blood dripped 

Against the flooded floors 

But you’re not around anymore.

I can feel my life force slowly fading.

But I have yet to find you,

To save you from yourself.

I then panicked! 

Where were you my captain? 

Are you, by chance, still 

Alive and breathing?

As the ship ruptured, 

People rushed in the 

Hallways to and fro,

I then continued my tedious search,

Not thinking of myself 

But just of you.

When I heard something plunge 

Into the ice cold waters, 

I saw you leaving with 

The lifeboat speedily driving.

How can you abandon ship?

My esteemed captain?

Why leave the burden all to me?

Ain’t you selfish for thinking 

Only of yourself 

Instead of the crew?

What about me, dear captain?

Do I mean nothing to you?

You know I would have died 

In order to save you.

This betrayal 

Is something 

I didn’t expect of you.
© 2017 Mel Joy (


A grown man is what he is,

Yearning for 

His ariel across the sea.

I wonder, 

If he met her,

Would he attain 

Nirvana and serendipity?

Here I am, 

A well meaning Siren,

With a highly 

Inquisitive mind,

Watching in the sidelines.

Never thought that one day

I’d be loving him in sheer silence.

© 2017 Mel Joy ( All Rights Reserved


“In this world where it is either black or white, the truth is in between, you just have to dig deeper.”

“When misery strikes transform it into prose, poetry or short stories. Learn to tug a person’s heart strings.”

“When you’re trapped in your own misery, let the Muse guide you in creating incredible poetries.”

“Sometimes you tell yourself why you kept searching for that initial spark… When at the end of the day, all you really wanted was a soulmate.”

“Don’t find love because it will come eventually. What happens, happens but until then learn to mind your own business.” 

“I may never be your cuppa tea, I’m an acquired taste — coffee.” 

“I write based on observations, imagination and experience. There’s a thin line among them. The truth is oft hidden so one should learn to read between the lines.

” If I were a gem, I’d rather be a red diamond – precious, rare, you cannot find me anywhere.”

” I just love lurking in the shadows. But I’m here if you need me.”

“Tears kept falling on their own volition and I can’t stop it. The mere thought of losing you ruins my façade – my calm surface.”

© 2017 Mel Joy ( All Rights Reserved

The Mariner’s Tale

Dedicated to lovers who just abandon the relationship when the going gets tough… Feel free to interpret it in anyway you can. ( P.S. you could also interpret it as a satire).

Oh Captain! 

My winsome Captain!

I seized the vessel‘s

First chief mate position

Knowing I am safe

Under your supervision.

You’re one of a kind

When it comes to

Developing strategies

As well as your keen 

Sense of direction.

We were bound to peregrinate

The less travelled waters

That only the brazen,

Intellectual adventurers

Dared to traverse.

As I mount the ship,

My heart, mind, body 

And soul felt assured.

But as our ship drifted

Beyond the shallow waters,

The eye of the storm

Began to loom.

I can hear the sounds

Of the rolling thunder.

I can see the bolts of lightning 

Striking ahead,

From cloud to cloud 

And from cloud to ground.

The wind became stronger

As the surging and plunging waves

Threaten to sink the ship;

To devour it whole.

However, I wasn’t perturbed.

With you, I know I’m secured.

But Captain! 

Oh my dear Captain!

Why were you fretting

Whilst steering the wheel upon

Knowing this mere predicament?

Aren’t we the brilliant

Strategists reknowned 

For solving and enduring

These complex problems?

You’re not alone in this,

We can still make it thru.

But are you, perchance, 

Thinking of 

Abandoning this ship?

Will you just let me perish 

With the rest of the crew?

Oh Captain, my Captain

What were you even thinking?

© 2017 Mel Joy (themonochromereaper All Rights Reserved

He, Who Must Not Be Named

What’s in a name? Does it ordain thy

Prestige and mien?

Whenever I began to bethink thee,

Thou evokes a sense of nostalgia,

A fervent longing.

But, thou is only beknownst as

“He, who must not be named.”

For some things 

Must be best kept hidden,

Unlabeled in the early stages

For it to be left unsullied,

To attain leeway,

Merriment and effervescence;

Unhampered by people’s

Muddled judgement.

Though shrouded in anonymity,

With thee I always 

Feel a sense of familiarity,


Conversing with you piqued my curiosity,

As well as rekindled something that I 

Thought was lost already. Love.

My capability to love.

But will thou be satisfied 

To be only remembered as

“He, who must not be named?”

We shall soon see.

© 2017 Mel Joy ( All Rights Reserve